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The minyan celebrates Erev Purim with a big celebration and Megillah reading each year. Purim coord also needs to find a host, davener and megillah readers for the morning service working with the regular once-a-week morning minyan.

Previous organizers: Susan Axe-Bronk, Karen Andres, Irle Goldman, Howard Smith, Stephanie Listokin, Rena Holzer, Janet Segal


Calendar coordinator finds a time to start with Ma'ariv (or possibly Mincha/Ma'ariv) - see Start Times. Members do not want to start too early; esp important when Purim is before the clocks change.

Find volunteers to

  • lead davening (or two if also doing Mincha)
  • read megillah
  • perform spiels
  • photograph
  • shop for food
  • set up the sound system
  • Lead children’s parade
  • Other jobs are assigned by the Calendar Coordinator and noodged by the noodge.

Make announcements re: date and times of Purim festivities

  • Begin about 6 weeks before Purim
  • Repeat as needed (e.g. three weeks before and esp one week before Purim)
  • Yad Chesed: remember to announce there will be collection for Yad Chesed Charity (put in a blurb about this). Sherry Israel has been in charge of this, although Marc Fogel and Sandy Remz are other good contacts on this.
  • Several members wanted a stated time when mincha starts, when maariv starts and exactly when megillah reading starts.

The Purim coordinator is not responsible for organizing kids' activities (although they should plan for and announce the kids parade). More details below.

Room and Food

Coordinate with Hebrew College, via the Hebrew College Coordinator to ensure the room is set up properly.

  • We use the regular kids classrooms (for the kids) and Berenson Hall.
  • Ask them to set up chairs and leave enough space for the kids to parade around so we ask for our regular chair setup but with nothing lining the walls, and rows slightly shorter to give wider aisles around and in between.

Sound System

Dave Belcourt, Bob Jampol and Tim McNerny have been volunteering to set up sound system at least 30 minutes before mincha begins. (This is better than the Hebrew College microphone setup.)

Purim Food

Confirm that the Kiddush Coordinator is getting the food.

  • Based on 2012 consumption, we should have 350 humentashen (preferably the smaller ones to avoid waste) and 30 liters of seltzer and juices (combined amount).
  • Decide on menu
  • Purchase or delegate purchasing of food items.
  • Check in storeroom fridge if there are leftovers from Shabbat kiddush.
  • Communicate with setup "food captain" (first name on snack-setup list) as to location of all items and plan for setup (timing, early nosh for kids,etc)

Families are assigned by the calendar coordinator to the snack setup and cleanup jobs.

  • Snack setup should start 30 minutes before Ma'ariv, and cleanup should occur at the end of the service. 
  • The Purim snacks have basically been a kiddush with humentashen added.
  • The Kiddush Coordinator can advise on kiddush quantities and type of food to buy.

Set-up for Leyl Purim

Start seting up 30 minutes before maariv. The Purim Coordinator or Designee will be present to answer questions and direct the setup team (and indeed all those who have jobs).

Bring from storage room:

  • The lectern, and the reading stand for the main table (usually used for Sifrei Torah)
  • Carts of Siddurim
  • Boxes of megillot (labelled) on shelf in back of storage room.
  • Boxes of graggers (also labelled) on same shelf in back of storage room.
  • Megillot and graggers should be placed on a table at the entrance to Berensen.

Children's Activities and Supervision on Erev Purim

Families are assigned to ensure there is a craft activity for the Mini Minyan and grades 1-3 age groups, coordinated with the kids parade. Purim has no shabbat restrictions. Children's activities (no service) begin when maariv begins and last for 90 minutes.

Post-Service Supervision begins after children's services ends. This leaves about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours until the end of megillah reading to be split between the two families with this assignment: so approximately 45 minutes each.

There isn't outside supervision on Purim. Children should not be outside.

Assigned Jobs

  • Setup: 30 minutes before service begins
  • Food setup: Arrive to start prep 30 mins before ma'ariv. Should be out by maariv so fasters can eat.
  • Cleanup: After megillah reading is over.


Make sure there are graggers, (we now have 144 new ones), megillot Esther and supplementary prayer sheets in the supply closet for set up people to put out.

On the night: Remember to announce morning minyan the next day.

Fri, July 19 2019 16 Tammuz 5779