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Post Service Supervision (PSS)

The purpose of Post Service Supervision is to prevent dangerous or life/property-threatening activities. It is not a babysitting role - parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their own children. Two member families are assigned to Post Service Supervision.


This assignment takes place from 11:30 AM until Kiddush.

Post Service Supervision (both OUTSIDE and INSIDE) ends when Kiddush starts. If you are concerned about the safety of children (esp outside) please enlist other adult help to get their parents at that time or ensure someone else will watch them.


Inside supervision

Post Service Supervision INSIDE takes place in the corridor leading to the cafeteria. The Hallway Supervisor will depart when the Post Service Supervision person starts. Adults and children should be kept away from those rooms where services have not yet concluded.


Post Service Supervision OUTSIDE takes place on the front steps and in the circle leading to Hebrew College.

Please refer to the Map of Minyan areas at Hebrew College.

  • If the weather is bad when you first check and kids are outside (or the weather turns bad when you are already outside and kids refuse to go inside), then enlist other adult help to inform their parents, who should take responsibility. Do not leave children outside in bad weather without informing their parents. Bad weather = rain, extreme cold, sleet/heavy snow, etc.
  • If the weather is awful, then the outside PSS person should not go outside, but should become a second inside PSS person. Find the other assigned PSS person and split the territory of the main hallway, classrooms or gallery, depending on what is needed.

Responsibilities + details

  • Kids should not be permitted to walk along the wall or to go around to the back of the building either through the parking lot or around the wall by the circle.
  • Children who refuse to behave appropriately should be brought to their parents even if means leaving the area unattended.
  • At 12.00 the person assigned Post Service Supervision INSIDE needs to encourage/rally parents in the kids rooms to assist in cleaning up toys and throwing away garbage. Once the items are returned to the carts, the carts should be closed and no further books/toys taken back out.


Extra Post Service Supervision

  • On Shabbatot when there is a simcha, Gesher Shabbat or an Alternative Service, two extra people are assigned "Extra PSS." One is assigned from 10:00-10:45 and should patrol the atrium, stairs, and bathrooms. The second is assigned from 10:45-11:30 and should patrol the back hall.
  • If there is a simcha, a Youth Lounge will be designated in one of the classrooms and the PSS people should check in on that room as well.
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