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In order to maximize the number of people who show up to do their assigned jobs, the minyan has for many years assigned a noodge to remind people ahead of time, and get a confirmation that they will show up.

Noodge (noun): that's you, if you volunteered to be a noodge 
Noodge (verb): Noodging is what a noodge does

The General Principles

  • Three noodges are designated during each 3-month period to remind members of upcoming job assignments; one noodge is generally assigned for a single month.
  • During peak holiday times (fall chagim and Pesach) additional noodges are assigned to cover the increased load.
  • The Calendar Coordinator issues a request for noodges when preparing each quarter's calendar.
  • An advantage of being the noodge is that one month of work (from home) exempts you from any Minyan job for that quarter.
  • The noodge's job is to remind people of their job assignments in a timely fashion, so that they have sufficient time to arrange for a switch if necessary and a second time a day or two before the service (folks confirm and then forget!).
  • It is the responsibility of each Minyan member to inform the noodge when switches are made. It is not the responsibility of the noodge to arrange a switch for anyone except in cases of extreme hardship.
  • As your name will be published on the calendar, people may start contacting you as soon as the calendar appears to let you know that they have swapped assignments so you noodge the right person when the time comes. However, many folks do not even look at the calendar and decide to swap only after they are noodged, so (as you will see below) you have to noodge twice - once with enough time to get people to find a swap if they need it, and a second time just before the assignment.
  • It is fine to send group e-mails to the people with assignments, but you must continue to noodge until you receive confirmation that the person is planning to fulfill his/her responsibility (either the original person assigned or the person with whom a switch has been made)

The Details

This section is phrased to be copied/pasted into the email the Calendar Coordinator sends to the noodges each quarter (so it does double duty as documenting the job here, and being easy to resuse regularly).

Remind the Jobs Supervisor to send list to noodges monthly to help with emergencies.

Dear Noodges

I enclose the quarterly calendar and the noodge helper files I call "noodges noodge". The PDF and the Excel file contain the same info: listings of the jobs and the families assigned, including phone and email contact info. Use either of these (your choice) to organize your noodging and keep track of swaps and acknowledgements. (The files contain data for the whole quarter, of which each of you is only responsible for part.) Once the calendar is published people start trading jobs and should let you know. You have to keep track of the swaps so you noodge the right person at the right time.

  • You need two rounds of noodging!
  • Start with a noodge just over a week in advance (8-10 days). The idea is that folks who hadn't previously realized that they need to find a swap get more time and less stress... Let them know you are doing it in advance so they can make the necessary trades to accommodate their schedule.
  • Given the number of people who forget their assignment, even when they go to shul, you should do a final reminder just a couple of days before. The general email to the business list is NOT a substitute. You need an individual reminder with an urgent subject line to ensure they take notice.
  • Please use the words "Minyan Noodge" in the subject line of your emails... some folks have caused noodges no end of pain because they have ignored emails due to generic subject lines like "important"
  • Please include the service name / shabbat name (generally parasha) in the email - this can be found at HebCal.
  • Please include these notes in your email:


  • COMPLETE JOB DESCRIPTIONS can be found at Here are a few updates:
  • SERVICE AND KIDDUSH SETUP ALERT: In the unlikely event that Hebrew College facilities staff has failed to open the main storage room or the lower kitchen area (small closet): Here are the CODES for the lock boxes, which contain the keys: Main storage room: 617   Lower storage area: 6178  Press the CODE. Slide down the top button to REMOVE the entire numeric pad. Remove the KEY to unlock the doors. REPLACE the key. Press the CODE. Slide down the top button and PRESS the numeric pad back into place.      
    • Use the new shulkhan (with the suede top) to set up cafeteria. You also need to bring down two sifrei Torah for the main service every Shabbat and hag, unless instructed otherwise. The two sifrei Torah are the small (Victor) and dark parchment deerskin, except when the Eisenberg Torah is in house, and then the two Torahs would be the Victor and the Eisenberg.
    • There is now a dedicated gray plastic SETUP/CLEANUP CART in the storeroom, with INSTRUCTIONS attached. Smaller items are stored on this cart. TRANSFER THE ORANGE BACKPACKS (Go Kits) from the small metal charging cart onto the setup/cleanup cart EXCEPT the one labeled "storage." DO NOT MOVE the charging cart from its spot next to the big refrigerator. You will need to remove the large tarps covering all items in the middle of the storeroom--books, talitot cabinets, kids' items.
    • (The custodian should have placed walkie talkies in an outside pocket on the backpacks. If the walkie-talkies are not there, don't put them in yourselves, just do without them, and let Hebrew College Coordinator know.)
    • Push the CART through the CAFETERIA to the ATRIUM, distributing the items as you go, according to the instructions. Put the backpacks in an obvious place (e.g. on a table, on the floor but not where someone might trip over it). One goes on top of the upstairs reception desk and one stays in the storeroom.
    • PLEASE LEAVE THE SETUP/CLEANUP CART IN THE ATRIUM near the main stairs so the cleanup crew can find it easily.
    • Set-up people must remain for the beginning of the service to insure a minyan for davening.
  • Kiddush Set-up people:
    • If you find food with nuts, please do not put it out or open it; this is an error. The minyan is a nut-free zone. Please alert the Kiddush Coordinator.
    • Put out a bottle of Manischewitz and a bottle of grape juice and small cups. Do NOT pour any wine or grape juice into cups (it just gets wasted).
  • Kiddush Clean-Up people: Return carts to large storage area so they are ready for next week's set-up.
  • Recycling instructions: Please take all empty bottles (plastic and glass) to the colorful recycling bins in the cafeteria. Large plastic food platters and lids are thrown in the trash, unless people take them home.
  • Kids’ Kiddush people: If there is Junior Minyan (JM), please help out as an adult presence in Junior Congregation (gr 1-6 service).
  • Cleanup people:
    • Please be sure to put away all Minyan possessions including humashim, siddurim, no-entry signs, orange cones (both inside and out) and the file cabinet with name tags.
    • In addition to putting away the large items & Torahs, FIND THE SETUP/CLEANUP CART IN THE ATRIUM, NEAR THE MAIN STAIRS to collect the smaller items. INSTRUCTIONS are attached to the cart. Don't forget items from upstairs! Also, don't forget the red rug and toy box in the Cafeteria. RETURN ALL BACKPACKS TO THE CHARGING CART next to the big fridge in the storage rooms. 7 BACKPACKS altogether, including the one that stays in the storage room. Do not block access to refrigerators and supply shelves! COVER book carts and tallit storage with the large blue tarp because of the ongoing possibility of leaks.
  • Everyone must do his/her jobs even if it looks as though there is no need at the moment. Please stay around until your job is completed.
  • Report no response to noodging and no shows to the Moderator and Jobs Supervisor.
  • Send your final list of jobs (after all trades have been completed) as soon as you can before each service by email to MinyanBusiness (
  • You are NOT responsible for helping people who say they can't find a swap unless there is a case of emergency, in which case the Chesed Committee, the Moderator or the Calendar Coordinator can help if you need it. If you do take on helping out in a situation which warrants it, then feel free to contact the Jobs Supervisor, who will seek out a volunteer from the list of folks who "owe" a job.
  • Noodges are reminded that folks email addresses change from time to time and unfortunately the listings I send you are a snapshot of email addresses on the day I create the calendar. If you get a bounce please check the online member listing on the website to see if the address has changed. I keep that up to date since it is online. If you do discover a previously unreported email address change, please send to the Membership List Coordinator and Email Coordinator. If people do not want to be noodged at a specific email address they should ask the Membership List Coordinator to remove it from the directory.
  • Please don't offer an extra credit for someone who for some reason does an extra job - that is difficult to do(!). Instead be in touch with the Jobs Supervisor, who can help you find someone who owes a job and can clear their "debt".
  • Delete if not needed: This is a heavy quarter (with the Chagim Pesach), so this will mean lots of extra days and extra duties. If anyone complains about their workload they should understand everyone is doing several more jobs than usual. Some folks will notice that there are some families with lighter loads - assure them that this is due to other work they are doing at the minyan or other circumstances, and that their load is fair! Heavy complaints or rudeness or "on strike": send them to the Moderator.
  • You will see in the Noodges_Noodge.pdf file some of the activities are noted with times of 12.59pm or 6.59pm … however these are not published times in the public calendar … that :59 tells my program not to print the time on the main reports, but makes sure they show up in the correct order on the calendar … so just ignore those times. If something is not clear please let me know.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

What to do if ...

There is no response to email or phone noodging

A person refuses to accept the job, saying they have resigned their membership

You should inform the Jobs Supervisor (to follow up) and the Moderator (to find a pinch-hitter). If the moderator is not available, sending out an email to MinyanBusiness ( asking for a pinch hitter (a recent no-show perhaps) will usually do the trick. Worst case, inform the other families assigned to the same (or closely related) jobs so they know what (not) to expect.
You should inform the Moderator (to find a pinch hitter) and the Calendar Coordinator (to update the records) immediately. An alternative is to start by asking the member whether they resigned before the most recent calendar was published, and if not ask if they will perhaps fulfill this last quarter of assignments. If the moderator is not available, sending out an email to MinyanBusiness ( asking for a pinch hitter (a recent no-show perhaps) will usually do the trick. Some folks find this offensive, so no need to push it. The Moderator and the Calendar Coordinator are always available for advice. Worst case, inform the other families assigned to the same (or closely related) jobs so they know what (not) to expect.
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