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Minyan jobs revealed

Weekly jobs are assigned to all members in rotation on our three-month schedule. Most weekly jobs are assigned to several members. 

  • When families are assigned jobs, only one adult is expected (however many adults there are in the household).
  • If you expect to be away or are otherwise unable to do your assigned job, you must find a substitute to perform your assignment and tell the noodge listed on the calendar.
  • It's perfectly acceptable to call people you don't know as well as those you do (read about how to swap jobs).
  • You may ask for an exemption or help with jobs in certain circumstances.

Regular weekly jobs


Setup, Cleanup and Post Service Supervision crews should refer to the map of Minyan areas at Hebrew College:

Click the map for a larger map

Occasional jobs for simchas/chagim


Shushering (ushering and "shush"ing) for simchas


Missed Jobs Policy

When a member does not perform an assigned job for any reason (without arranging for a swap and notifying the noodge), the member must make up the job within a reasonable period of time. (In the event that a member arranges for a swap and notifies the noodge, responsibility for performance of the job switches to the substitute.)


  • As soon as you become aware that you missed a job, be in touch ASAP with the Jobs Supervisor regarding plans to make it up.
  • If you become aware that someone missed a job, please let the Jobs Supervisor know.
  • Any job missings, and loop-closings should be communicated to the Jobs Supervisor.

Ways to make up a job:

  • If another member filled in to do the missed job, the job-misser contacts the member who did the job and offers to take a future job for them (effectively swapping jobs).
  • If no one filled in, the job-misser can fill in when a make-up opportunity arises, such as shiva, illness, or another emergency that precludes someone from being able to complete their job.
  • A member may make up a missed job by volunteering on the spot when the Moderator asks for volunteers to do a job.


  • The Jobs Supervisor will inform members who have missed jobs when make-up opportunities arise.
  • If a member fulfills their obligation in the above ways, it is the member's responsibility to notify the Jobs Supervisor. The Jobs Supervisor will maintain a list of members who owe jobs.
  • In addition, each January the Jobs Supervisor informs all families who are on the list of those owing jobs of that status to remind them.
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