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Mini Minyan Service

The Mini Minyan Service meets in the rooms 102 and 103: double classroom accessed via the second or third door to the left of the staircase, leading down the corridor to the cafeteria.

  • The service starts at 10:45 AM and concludes by 11:30 AM.
  • One member family with a child in this age group is assigned to lead this service.
  • Every child in this service must always be accompanied by a parent or a designated adult. This applies to both members and non-members, on Shabbat as well as on holidays.

Responsibilities as leader

  • The leader should arrive shortly before the 10:45 AM start time to put the carpet squares in a circle and to distribute the siddurim which are kept in the aron. All items necessary for this service will have been put in the room by the minyan setup people.
  • The leader reads the prayers from the siddur and adds explanations or involves the kids in related activities as desired.
  • During the "Torah Service", the leader should read or tell a story or lead an activity ideally connected to the parasha or current holiday. It is also okay to find something connected to Shabbat or other Jewish theme.
  • Following the service, lead the blessings for kids' kiddush and oversee that it is handed out in an organized fashion. Children must be seated on the carpet squares in order to receive kiddush.
  • The leader oversees the return of the siddurim to the aron and reminds parents to have their children throw away trash and pile their carpet squares before leaving or playing.
  • A book cabinet and a toy box are placed in this room by the setup people. Books and toys are for use before and after the service. Sometimes younger children, under the supervision of a parent, will play in the room during the service.

Resources for Leading Services


Mah Tovu
Birchot haShachar








Torah service





General Material

The following websites are useful for getting material for children's services:

Mini Minyan for Erev Purim

Families are assigned to ensure there is a craft activity for the Mini Minyan and grades 1-3 age groups, coordinated with the kids parade. Purim has no shabbat restrictions. Children's activities (no service) begin when maariv begins and last for 90 minutes.

Post-Service Supervision begins after children's services ends. This leaves about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours until the end of megillah reading to be split between the two families with this assignment: so approximately 45 minutes each.

There is no outside supervision on Purim. Children should not be outside.

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