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This is a very dry page, not about the experience of being a member, but about the mechanics of joining or leaving.


We encourage people to get to know the minyan for a while before joining.

  • You come for a while as a visitor.
  • You work with the New Member Coordinator, who tells you all about us and sends you the appropriate information and form
  • You fill out paperwork which you send back to the new member coordinator who sends it on to the membership list coordinator
  • The webmaster creates a website account for you. You fill in your member information.
  • You join the minyan email lists
  • You pay your dues

Behind the scenes

The new member coordinator also sends notice to all the various coordinators when you join (or leave) so that you can be included in davening, leyning, drashing etc (if you so indicated), as well as to let other key people know. Soon(ish) after you join, the new member meal matchmaker will contact you to offer to match you with other members for meal invitations to make you feel welcome.

Updating your information

You can change pretty much any membership information right here, on the Minyan's website. Start here:

If you need more help, get in touch with the Minyan webmaster 


Please let the Moderator or the Treasurer know if you plan to leave the minyan. Please plan ahead and complete any obligations for the quarter if at all possible.

Fri, July 19 2019 16 Tammuz 5779