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Set-Up & Clean-Up for Kids' Kiddush and Junior Minyan

This job consists of three things:
1. Assist in setting up Junior Minyan on weeks when that service meets (10:35am)
2. Set out snacks for children’s services (approximately 11:10am)
3. Clean up after the kids’ kiddush (approximately 11:35am)

Junior Minyan Set-Up

If Junior Minyan is meeting, please report to the Junior Minyan room from 10:35am-10:45am and assist as directed by the parent leader. Please help with Junior Minyan set-up first, and then prepare kids' kiddush. You must also clean up the kids' kiddush once the children have partaken. (No clean-up of Junior Minyan is required.)

Kids' Kiddush Set-Up

Start set-up at about 11:10am so that kiddush is ready by 11:20am. Please don't set out the kiddush too early so that passersby will not be tempted to partake.

Snacks are prepared for either one or two kids' services, Mini Minyan and Junior Minyan when that meets, plus the extra floating kids not in a service. Snacks are not intended for the Gesher service, so on those weeks, kids' kiddush is only for the Mini Minyan service. You can find out in advance which children's services are happening by going to 'Calendars' on the Minyan website and clicking on the link to 'Kids' Services' Calendar'.

1. Before you go to the storeroom to retrieve the snacks, peek into whichever kids’ services are happening and survey the hallway to determine approximately how many children will be eating.

2. Go the the storeroom and find two bins marked “Kids’ Kiddush,” one with snacks and supplies (bright pink lid) and one empty one for transport. The bins are located next to the large refrigerator. Bring back:

  • Enough Oreos for each child to have one or two
  • Enough of one non-sweet snack food (Triscuits, pretzels, Cheez-Its) for each child to have a large handful
  • A pitcher for water
  • Enough cups for each kid to have a cup for food and a cup for water
  • Napkins
  • Do not use a cart. The carts are for the main kiddush set-up people.

NOTE: Additional paper supplies/cups, etc. can be found in the lower storage area near Berenson Hall.

3. Bring the food to the table in the hallway outside of the first classroom, where the kids will come for kiddush after their services. Lay all of the items on the table and fill the water pitcher.

Kids' Kiddush Clean-up

Once all kids’ services are over and the children have all had an opportunity to take a snack, clean up the kiddush. The snacks are not meant to be left there for extended or general grazing.

  • Empty packages should be placed in the trash in the classrooms
  • The pitcher should be emptied and put back on the shelf where it was found
  • Return everything else to where you found it
  • No garbage should be left in the storage room
  • If anything for the kids' kiddush appears to be in short supply, please contact the Storganizer.

No food or drink is allowed in any of the classrooms.

Fri, July 19 2019 16 Tammuz 5779