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Kiddush Setup

 9-6-18: Need to revise instructions of setup for wine, scotch, netilat yadayim to reflect change to small table in front of entrance to Berenson. Only hot and cold drinks on tables in Berenson.

Kiddush Setup instructions (PDF)

  • KIDDUSH SETUP is a different assignment from SERVICE SETUP.
  • Please read these instructions all the way through before you start, even if you have done setup before. Revisions have been made.
  • In the unlikely event that Hebrew College facilities staff has failed to open the main storage room or the lower kitchen area (small closet): Here are the CODES for the lock boxes, which contain the keys: Main storage room: 617   Lower storage area: 6178  Press the CODE. Slide down the top button to REMOVE the entire numeric pad. Remove the KEY to unlock the doors. REPLACE the key. Slide down the top button and PRESS the numeric pad back into place.        

Supplies in Stock

  • The Minyan Beverage Buyer maintains the stock of wine.
  • The Storganizer (Storage Room Coordinator) maintains the stock of paper and plastic goods, grape juice, seltzer and juices.
  • Soda and juice are on the top two shelves of the metal shelving in the storeroom and in the refrigerators. (Drinks for the adult Kiddush in the stainless refrigerator; drinks for the kids’ Kiddush in the smaller white refrigerator).
  • Paper goods, plastic cutlery, and cleaning supplies are regularly transferred to the lower storage area, for weekly use. Anything that is not there can be found on the shelving to the left of the table in the main storage area.
  • The food for the kids’ Kiddush is kept on the bottom two wire shelves to the right of the stainless steel refrigerator.

See special notes on

  • Kiddush during Sukkot and Pesach (needs to be written)
  • Setup and cleanup of snack for Erev Purim, Erev Simchat Torah, after Neilah etc
Fri, July 19 2019 16 Tammuz 5779