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How to swap (or trade) an assigned job

You receive the email on the MinyanBusiness email list that announces the publication of the calendar for the subsequent quarter. To your horror you see you are assigned a job on a date you are away. What are you going to do? Who you gonna call? (Hint: Ghostbusters does not attend the minyan.)

Learn how to swap, the easy way!

How to swap

The switching etiquette is to send out an email to MinyanBusiness ( asking for a switch

  • List the exact date and job you need to swap
  • Mention date constraints (and job constraints) for the other side of the swap. (For example: "Need to swap Setup on Jan 31 - can do any setup or cleanup in Feb"). Generally someone will respond to take the swap. Confirm by email and tell the noodge for that month (listed on the top of the calendar).

(Often many will respond to your swap – hence the followup emails you sometimes see saying “swap accomplished” to stem the tide - feel free to send one of those as well).

If a general email to the business list doesn't result in a positive response, then look at the calendar for specific days you know you can be there, and then email or phone specific people with a specific proposal for a swap for one of their jobs… that generally works.

Want to avoid the need to swap?

In future you can let the Calendar Coordinator know of dates you will not available by responding to the preparatory email that goes out ahead of the scheduling (generally mid-quarter).

Fri, July 19 2019 16 Tammuz 5779