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Hallway Supervisor

The Hallway Supervisor is responsible for making sure that the areas near the childrens' services are quiet and free of distractions so that kids in the services are not distracted.

One member family is assigned the job of Hallway Supervisor. The family for this job is selected from the entire Minyan roster.


This assignment takes place 10:45 - 11:30 AM (when childrens' services begin, and some of the kids' services end).

The person assigned Post Service Supervision (Inside) takes over for the Hallway Supervisor at 11:30 even if childrens' services are not concluded.


The Hallway Supervisor patrols the hallway outside of the classrooms where kids' services are happening.  

Responsibilities + details

  • Ushered away from the double classroom of Rooms 102 and 103 (Mini Minyan Service) and Room 104 (Junior Minyan Service), and urge them to congregate in any of the empty classrooms or in the atrium.
    • Children who do not wish to be in any of the services can read or play quietly on the benches in the hallway provided they sit in a location that is not visible from any of the rooms in which services are being held.
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