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Giving a drash

Please give a drash

Whether you are a minyan veteran or a new member and would like to give a drash, please contact the Drash Committee Chairs. If there is a specific parsha that you would like, please ask — the earlier the better. Otherwise, members of the Drash Committee Chairs may approach you and ask you to give a drash.

You might wish to consider giving your first drash at bnei mitzvah when we have a second service for a simcha (because at this service we tend to have a short drash followed by a discussion).

Take a look at Dick Israel's "How to Give a D'var Torah" for inspiration and/or courage.

Ten minute rule

The minyan expects drashot on Shabbat to be no longer than 10 minutes. Please respect this time limit.

Friendly suggestions in preparation for giving a drash:

  • If you give a drash, read it aloud at least once to make sure that it does not exceed 10 minutes, and edit accordingly (shorter is always better).
  • In general, the text should be no more than five to six double-spaced typed pages.
  • Remember to compensate for the imperfect acoustics (and members’ imperfect hearing) by speaking slowly and clearly.
  • Be sure to introduce yourself at the beginning of your drash.
Fri, July 19 2019 16 Tammuz 5779