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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage my assigned tasks at services?

How do I ...

...know what my weekly jobs are

The calendar is posted here each quarter. This includes a listing of all the assignments by date and also by family. An email is sent to the MinyanBusiness email list when the new calendar is posted.

...know what to do for any particular job

Read Minyan Jobs Revealed. an assignment if I cannot do it that week

Read the page on swapping jobs.

...avoid assignments when I know I will be away

The calendar coordinator sends out an email to the MinyanBusiness email list about half-way through each quarter in early preparation for the next quarter. That email asks various questions, including whether you know you will be away for specific services. Reply to that email with your dates. The coordinator will do their best to avoid assigning you on those dates. If it is not possible to avoid such a clash, or there is some error, you are asked to trade (see above) as you would otherwise.

...get an exemption because of any kind of hardship

Contact the Calendar Coordinator or contact the or someone on the Chesed Committee who can pass on the request to the calendar coordinator without having to pass on details.

How do I volunteer...

...for a weekly assignment which I am not otherwise required to do (eg run a kids service)?

Contact the Calendar Coordinator. give a drash?

Read about giving a drash. be a noodge, event coordinator?

Reply to the calendar coordinator when they send out the email preparing for the next calendar quarter. take on an ongoing coordinator role?

Contact the Moderator be moderator?

Read about being the moderator.

Change membership details?

  • You can change pretty much any membership information right here, on the Minyan's website. Start here:

If you need more help, get in touch with the Minyan webmaster 

How do I get access to help that the minyan offers in times of need?

How do I get help for ...

...arranging a funeral using the Minyan Chevre Kadishah?

See details about the Minyan Chevre Kadishah.

...arranging for shiva?

See details about Shiva Information For Mourners. with cooking, bikkur holim or errands when someone is sick?

See details about support from the Chesed Committee. with cooking or errands when a new baby is born or adopted?

See details about support for families with new kids.

...getting off the assignments rotation because of circumstances?

See the appropriate section here

How do I ask for a celebratory or commemorative Aliyah or Maftir?

You can ask for an Aliyah by contacting the Aliyot Coordinator (Beadle) ahead of time. If you want the Maftir aliyah and to read Haftorah, contact the Leyning Coordinator well ahead of the time they are planning the Torah/Haftorah schedule (generally at least three months).

How do I arrange to Bentch Gomel

Generally you don't have much notice if you want to bensch gomel (tu, tu, tu). Try to contact the Aliyot Coordinator (Beadle) ahead of time if you can, or certainly get to shul on time on the day and make contact then. The only complication is if there is a bar- or bat-mitzvah on that shabbat in which case you may have to negotiate with the simcha family who will likely have assigned all the aliyot to friends and family.

How do I arrange a special (enhanced) kiddush?

Read the section on Enhanced Kiddush.

How do I arrange a simcha at the minyan?

How do I arrange ...

...a bar or bat mitzvah

Please be in touch with the Simcha Coordinators. Dates are usually picked 2-3 years ahead and only the Simcha Coordinator can confirm a date. The minyan does not provide teachers, although many of our members to teach privately. More information on the Simchas page. aufruf

To reserve a date in advance you should be in touch with the Simcha Coordinators, the Calendar Coordinator, and the Aliyot Coordinator (Beadle) (who needs to know which Aliyot you want to have).

...a brit milah

The minyan does not offer formal help to arrange a Brit Milah, unless the 8th day falls on Shabbat and you want to do the Brit in shul. In that case contact the Aliyot Coordinator (Beadle), the Moderator, and the Kiddush Coordinator as soon as possible. Otherwise, an email to MinyanCommunity ( will generally yield helpful answers to questions about venues, Mohels, etc.

...a baby naming

A baby naming in shul is done during an Aliyah for one or both of the parents. You can ask for an Aliyah by contacting the Aliyot Coordinator (Beadle) ahead of time. If you're planning to do this you could even make contact a few weeks before the baby is due to let the Aliyot Coordinator know to watch out of the birth announcement on minyan email.

How do I find out how the minyan runs?

Read this

How do I use the email lists and website?

How do I ...

...use the MinyanBusiness or MinyanCommunity email lists?

Read this

...suggest changes needed for the minyan website?

Contact the webmaster.

...become an editor for the minyan website?

Contact the webmaster, who will discuss your planned edits and decide if you're a good match for being an editor.

How do I help someone join the minyan?

We encourage people to get to know the minyan for a while before joining. Please put them in touch with the New Member Coordinators, who will walk them through the Membership Process.

How do I take a sabbatical or leave the minyan?

Contact the Membership List Coordinator, ideally before the calendar is published for the quarter after you leave. If you prefer, you may contact the Moderator. In either case, the person you notify will inform the others who need to know, including the Treasurer and the Calendar Coordinator.

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