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Welcoming people

New Member Meals 

The New Member Meals Coordinator(s) matches new members to veteran (or at least not-so-new) members as a way of welcoming them to the community.

From time-to-time, there are other opportunities for host/guest match-ups for the entire community. These are organized, for example, around a chag (such as Pesach or Tu B'Shvat) or an in-house shabbaton. Any member can volunteer to be a host, and any member can ask to be a guest. (Previous coordinators of such matching include Sue Fendrick, Micah Zimring and Sarah Clark.)

New-baby meals

No, not for the baby, but for the baby's family. The New Baby Meals Coordinator organizes meals to be delivered to families with new babies.

Bringing us together

Although services are at the core of what we do as a Minyan, we also like getting together just for fun. These events not only strengthen our friendships, but also highlight the amazing talent in our community.


A quarterly lunch+learn after services. We expand the usual kiddush experience to include lunch, and follow it with a guest speaker. Most times, we give our own members the spotlight. Sometimes we bring in outside speakers. Nosh+Drashes are for the benefit of our own community, and aren't publicized outside the Minyan.

If you have an idea for a topic for a future nosh+drash, please get in touch with the nosh+drash coordinator.

BTW, it's always "nosh+drash", with a "+".

Minyan Retreat

Every winter, families in the Minyan get together offsite for a Shabbat full of learning, davening, eating, playing, and singing. It's a great opportunity to make new friends.

Look for an email sometime after the Fall chaggim from the organizing committee about the upcoming retreat. 

Music Night

Minyan Music Night is the Minyan's talent show, sing-along, dance event. This used to be a beloved annual event, but lately, it's an "if we have an organizer..." kind of thing. The last one was combined, with great success, with Minyan Story Night  

Story Night

Story Night is the Minyan's version of  The Moth, and happens if there's a volunteer to organize it. It's been combined, with great success, with Music Night.

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