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Service clean-up

Your main role

Put away all of the items from the davening (prayer) spaces for both the adult and kids' services (This assignment is separate from the kiddush cleanup assignment.)

Three member families are assigned to this job each Shabbat. In the event that there is a large Bar or Bat Mitzvah, we have a second service. The same instructions apply to a Gesher (family) service. If a second service is being held, two additional member families are assigned specifically to clean up that service (see below). 

Where you'll do it

Most weeks, we use the cafeteria for the main service, and a couple of classrooms. Please refer to the Map of Minyan areas at Hebrew College

If you've been assigned cleanup in BERENSON HALL, for a B-Mitzvah or holiday service, the tasks described for the cafeteria should be done there.

When you'll do it

After services are over.

Responsibilities and details

NEW as of June, 2018: DO NOT CLEAN UP THE CONES AND ORANGE BACKPACKS (aka Go-Kits) Leave them in place. DO NOT MOVE THE SETUP/CLEANUP CART that's near the main staircase. THE "CLEANUP SWEEPER" will take care of these tasks at the end of Kiddush or if there's no kiddush, then when the service is over. 

  • Return all items are to the Minyan storage room. It can be reached by walking behind the cafeteria, past the bathrooms, next to the bulletin boards are gray doors on the left (which say Authorized Personnel Only), to the end of the service corridor, to the right, and through the double doors that say Newton Centre Minyan Storage Room. 

Cleaning up the davening area in the cafeteria

  • Find the custodian who will accompany you to the Rare Book Room in the library where you place the sifrei Torah in the second cabinet on the right. Please use the stairs and not the elevator when bringing the Torah scrolls up to the library. Do not ask the custodian for help in transporting the sifrei Torah.
  • Place the table cover, the yad (pointer), the laminated bracha prompt sheet and the gabbai script inside the drawer of the aron kodesh (the ark).
  • The silver cup that has been used for kiddush should be washed in the sink and returned to the storage room (on the shelf behind the table).
  • Scan the entire room for wayward items (books left behind, etc.)
  • Bring the following items into the Minyan storage room. Store in the middle of the storage room, not blocking access to shelves and refrigerators.
    1. Tallit cabinets and baskets of kippot & tallitot.  
    2. Carts with the siddurim and chumashim
    3. The aron kodesh (ark). TWO PEOPLE ARE NEEDED TO MOVE THE ARONFirst,  find the wooden tie in the drawer, and place on the front metal handles before moving it, to secure the doors in transit. Using the side handles, one person pushes, the other pulls the aron.
    4. The Torah reading platform that sits on the table in the front of the room  can be folded and rolled for easier transport.
    5. The shtender (the davening stand/lectern). There are wheels on the front; the shtender rolls when it is tilted slightly forward.
  • SPREAD TARPS OVER ALL THE BOOKCARTS, TALLIT CASES AND, if possible CHILDREN'S ITEMS. Leaks may not be obvious, but they're an ongoing problem! 

Cleaning up the Kids' davening areas

  • Two classrooms are used for kids' services: the first double classroom (Rooms 102 and 103) is used for the Mini Minyan service; Room 104 is used for the Junior Minyan Service, which does not meet regularly.
  • Mini Minyan: There is one Rubbermaid heavy duty utility cart that’s assigned to the Thru-K service. Place all items on this cart: toy boxes, plastic aron/ark (upright, not on its side!), carpet squares, etc. When everything is moved back into the storage room after services, the items stay on the cart.
  • Junior Minyan cart, if found in room 104: All items--small woden ark, books, stay on the cart. Return to the storage room. 
  • Scan the area, including the hallway benches for wayward items such as books, items of clothing, and toys and bring to the storage room. Throw out trash.

Cleaning up a second service (usually Room 106-107)

  • If you have been assigned cleanup for a second service, a notice will be sent to the entire kahal indicating in which room it will take place.
  • Scan the room to make sure that all books have made it to the carts.
  • The Torah that is used in the second service should be returned to the first cabinet in the Rare Book Room in the library. A custodian must accompany you. Please use the stairs and not the elevator when bringing the Torah up to the library. Do not ask the custodian for help in transporting the sifrei Torah.
  • The Torah reading stand that sits on the table can be folded and rolled for easier transport back to the storage room. (Instructions on the underside) 
  • Place the table cover, the yad (pointer), the laminated bracha prompt sheet and the gabbai script inside the aron kodesh (the ark).
  • Push the aron/ark back to the storage room, in the spot marked on the floor, right NEXT TO THE DOORS. AVOID THE PIPES in the ceiling, which will scrape the top of the aron!
  • Bring the shtender (lectern) to the storage room. This shtender is kept in the hallway JUST OUTSIDE the storage room, but out of the way of traffic. 
  • Wheel the cart(s) with the siddurim and chumashim to the far side of the storage room.
  • When finished with the above tasks, help the main service cleanup crew to finish their tasks. 
Fri, July 19 2019 16 Tammuz 5779