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How the Minyan runs

The Newton Centre Minyan is a participatory minyan. We collectively share the responsibility of making the minyan happen:

  • Perform the weekly tasks that make Shabbat and holiday services possible.
  • Coordinate Minyan tasks and activities
  • Make decisions together in town meetings
  • Help each other at times of sorrow and celebration
  • Devise and run all sorts of special events that members want to see happen.

Coordinators assign Shabbat honors and tasks as well as simcha and bereavement help. Organizers ask for assistance for special events as needed.

Responsibilities as members

Week to week

Weekly jobs are assigned to all members in rotation. When families are assigned jobs, only one adult is expected to actually do the job, regardless of the number of adults in the household.

If you need help doing your assigned jobs, don't worry. We can help.

Read more about Quarterly Calendar Cycle.

In times of need

Help govern the Minyan

The Minyan works because people volunteer to make it work. There's no board or ritual committee; town meetings are where the governing happens. Town meetings are held about once every three months. Members can suggest items for the meeting agenda by contacting the Moderator.

Help with simchas

Read more about simchas at the Minyan

Children's Programs

The Minyan currently runs two children's programs: the Mini Minyan service and the Junior Minyan service. The Minyan also runs a family and learning service called Gesher Shabbat

Read more about children and family services

Get more involved

Read about getting more involved with the Minyan.

Other fun stuff

​​​​​​​The mandala that the Minyan presented to Michael Weissmann at the end of his term as Moderator (created by Terri Eisenberg).

Wed, September 22 2021 16 Tishrei 5782